Your Solution for Collections and Payments Between Merchants

We are a Fintech created and founded in Panama, in fact, the only one of its kind worldwide since there is no other product that meets all the characteristics that Fectivo offers.

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The bridge between Retailers and Wholesaler


Fectivo is a concept created and designed with the purpose of seeking solutions through financial and logistics technology and offer new and innovative opportunities to the way in which small, medium and large companies from different industries apply and manage their own finances and handle logistics services associated with payment collection.


Manage your money safely and efficiently.

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We offer trust and security to all customers and suppliers


Employee safety and reduce of your operating expenses.


About Us

A revolutionary idea

With the increase in startups and fintech in the region, Fectivo was born in 2021 seeking a solution for the need to provide small businesses – such as convenience stores, mini-supermarkets, grocery stores, among others – with an alternative to payments. between businesses and distributors that have become necessary to maintain a safe flow of business

Official Launch

Since its launch, Fectivo has shown its strengths in the field of fintech for companies through benefits such as: stability, trust, quality of service, logistics management, compliance, route action, effectiveness, digitized service and a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience.

Long term goals

The first step is to bet on optimization, which achieves innovations that are effective from internal processes and that make the lives of users "easier". Another of our goals is to retain merchants, offering them all the tools they need to boost their companies, with a focus on quality of experience, along with a sense of detail in their actions.

On the other hand, the arrival of Fectivo as a platform helps to mobilize of digital money between stores within the payment collection process, which that allows greater security for entrepreneurs.

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Our Team


Gabi Geva

CEO / Founder


Jorge Bernard


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Carlota Gibson


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How can we help?

Send us a message and an agent will get in touch with you. In Fectivo, we are here to help.